Bull's Roulette


The Roulette Steel Tip Darts are made in the Netherlands and are chromed brass, steel tip darts. This dart's barrel is ringed and knurled for superior grip.

The set includes: 3x barrels, Magic Shafts, Five Star Flights and a Slim Case.


Available in 3 weights to choose from, 21gm, 22gm and 23gm.



21gm: Length 57.60mm, Width 7.30mm

22gm: Length 59.60mm, Width 8.30mm

23gm: Length 60.10mm, Width 7.10mm


Bull's Roulette

  • Comes in a set of 3 darts, Barrels, Stems and Flights included.

  • Delivery charge scaled on volume of order.

    Large items such as Dart Boards and Cabinets, charge will depend on destination.


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