Devon Petersen Courage


Made in New Zealand by Shot Darts.


Devon Petersen has darts in his blood. From big dreams in a small garage in apartheid South Africa, to competing with his heroes on the world stage – Devon blazes a trail and bears the torch for his homeland. Shot’s in-house design team collaborated closely with the African Warrior himself to create a spectacular darts range with ingenious Iklwa spear grip to keep him at the top of his game.


Fierce & fearless.

You need more than dedication to go toe to toe with your heroes. You need The Courage. With a pinpoint mid-rear balance and moderate 3/5 grip, its tapering, symmetrical double shark grooves give you focused finger placement every throw. It’s swathed in lustrous protective Black Titanium, with a laser-etched signature Iklwa grip. Wide grooves identify finger reference points, that hold tight till you let it fly, as smooth as silk. The target’s in your sights, and the power to create a new destiny is in your hands.


90% Tungsten barrels

Match Weighted +/- 0.05 gm

Grip Rating 3/5

Rear Weighted


The full set includes: 3 x 90% Tungsten barrels, 3x Devon Petersen Courage Dart Flight Set- Small Standard-100 Micron and 3 x Koi Carbon Shafts with Spring Ring-Inbetween Size.


Available in three weights to choose from: 23g, 24g, and 25g.


23g Length 52mm, Diameter 6.92mm

24g Length 53mm, Diameter 7.1mm

25g Length 53mm, Diameter 7.2mm


Devon Petersen Courage