Jonny Clayton


*Now available in 24 gram weight*

Since joining Red Dragon in 2014 Jonny has not looked back, shooting up the rankings and claiming TV majors at the World Cup and Masters. Despite his consistency, cool temperament and silky-smooth throw Jonny was ready to improve on his 2016 darts with this latest version, and a quick glance soon tells you why. His 2018 darts are absolutely striking, with grip end to end and a streamlined 90% tungsten low profile. The dual ring grip covers the length of the barrel making them one of the best-looking players darts we've ever made.


Complete with the latest Trident Technology point Jonny has left no stone unturned in his search for the best he can be. Complimented by the latest NITRO Tech shafts and Hardcore flights Jonny's new darts will benefit every serious player's game. Jonny said "My darts need to feel really direct with a very slim nose that works really well against the other barrels, but I just wanted to have more grip than my previous darts so we went for a more aggressive ringed pattern with a front nose grip option." Complete with Red Trident point technology Jonny's latest darts are simply stunning and we know you'll love throwing them.


Set includes 3 x barrels, a set of Hardcore extra thick standard flights and a set of Nitrotech polycarbonate medium shafts.

Made by Red Dragon Darts


90% Tungsten alloy barrels.

Grip has dual red grooves, full length with grip level 4.

Centre weight distribution.

2BA Thread

Silver effect high tensile with trident points


Available in two weights to choose from, 22g and 24g:

22g: 50.8mm. width 6.6mm.

24g: 50.8mm. width 7.05mm.


Jonny Clayton