Luke Humphries


By Red Dragon Darts.

Luke Humphries continues to push as one of the PDC’s hottest young talents, in a very short space of time, he secured development tour wins in 2017 / 2018 with a challenge tour win to go alongside. Luke’s rock solid throw and determination to play at the highest level has made him a potent threat on tour, which he now matches with his own set of darts. Luke favours the Torpedo styled mid-balanced darts that he has been using for over 6 months, and already has 3 tour title wins. Luke said I had a really old set of darts for so many years, that I knew were not quite giving me the extra performance I needed. When getting fitted for these new darts I had such a clear picture of the shape and grip that I wanted and these are exactly that. I throw my darts with good acceleration and I like to feel that they are perfectly balanced on my thumb for the right launch, and these darts let me do that. Complete in stunning black PVD coating with unique imola yellow sports styling let these darts inspire your passion to play and get even better.


90% Tungsten Alloy.

Centre weight distribution

Grip level 3/5

Thread is standard 2BA


The set includes:

3 x PVD black barrels with yellow grooves and laser etched with Red Dragon logo, a set of Hardcore extra thick standard flights, Nitrotech polycarbonate medium shafts and Black high tensile points.


“Cool Hand” Luke’s darts are available in 22 gram weight.


22g: Length 43.3mm, Width 7.1mm.


Luke Humphries