Shot - Niels Zonneveld


Raise the Stakes-Triple Z
Designed and crafted by the Shot workshop for Niels Zonneveld, the next-gen dart talent whose fearless playing style is set to dominate the world of professional darts. This impressive, center-weighted straight dart barrel features two intricately machined no-slip grip patterns designed to throw with complete confidence. The barrel is finished with stealthy Black Titanium for peak strength combined with an intense aqua PCT coating to showcase the complexity of the grip design.


Designed in collaboration with Niels, this dart set has run the gauntlet to bear the Shot Darts mark of excellence.


The robust micro grip anterior is equalised by Shot Sirius – an apex rear grip for total control. This profile has more than 300 multi-directional contact points to create a superior grip that will take flight on command, releasing smoothly for velocity and accuracy. In addition, the micro grip applied at the very tail of the dart expertly aids control for players who throw from the back of the dart.




90% Tungsten barrels

Barrel Grip Level 2/5

Centre Weighted, Black Titanium, Straight Shaped barrel

Match Weighted to +/- 0.05gm


Set includes: 3 x Tao Carbon Inbetween sized shafts with rings, 3 x Niels Zonneveld Small Standard Blue Flights, Standard 35mm Points and 3 x 90% Tungsten Darts


Available in 3 weights to choose from: 23gm, 24gm and 25gm.



23gm: Length 50mm, Diameter 6.5mm

24gm: Length 51mm, Diameter 6.6mm

25gm: Length 53mm, Diameter 5.6mm


Niels Zonneveld