Phil Taylor - Power 8Zero


By Target Darts

Target Phil Taylor Power 8Zero Steel Tip 80% Tungsten Darts. A straight 80% tungsten barrel, with good looking grooves picked out in black along the gripping zones and laser etched mid-barrel. Comes fitted with black Pro Grip shafts and Target Vision flights.


80% Tungsten Alloy

Target Pro Grip Vision Shafts

Target Vision Flights

Thread is standard 2BA

Target leather darts wallet


The set includes:

3 x 8Zero Natural Tungsten barrels, Target Pro Grip Vision Shafts with Target Vision flights and Target leather darts wallet.


These steel tip darts are available in three weights to choose from, 21g, 23g and 25 gram weight.


21g: Length 52mm, Width 6.35mm.

23g: Length 50.6mm, Width 6.7mm.

25g: Length 50.6mm, Width 7.2mm.

Phil Taylor - Power 8Zero