Viking Berserker


No Retreat, No Surrender

Between 700 and 1100 AD, Viking raiders from Scandinavia ruled the seas, fought like warriors, and made vanquished peoples shake in their boots and soil their leather breeches. The Vikings range by Shot Darts lets you relive their epic saga. Ransack the match and rule the competition. Take no prisoners with this straight, centre weighted dart, forged from 90% tungsten. A fierce front shark fin front grip is followed by the might of a central ‘Siege’ interlocking grip, while a squared, tapered rear shark fin will guide you through the fray. Named for bloodthirsty Viking warriors, Berserker carves a swathe through the hordes to conquer the bullseye. Built for centre grip throwers, with a slim nose for better grouping, it’s finished in ‘blood on leather’ red, and battle hardened with Shot’s hi-tech particle coating. Victory is yours to seize. 


90% Tungsten.

Match Weighted to +/- 0.05gm.

Barrel Grip Level 3/5, Centre Weighted.


Set includes: Eagle Claw Black Inbetween Shafts, Custom Viking Berserker 100 Micron Small Standard Flights and Viking 35mm Engraved Steel Points.


Available in 4 weights to choose from, 22gm, 23gm, 24gm, and 25gm.



22gm: Length 45mm, Width 7.4mm

23gm: Length 46mm, Width 7.5mm

24gm: Length 47mm, Width 7.6mm

25gm: Length 48mm, Width 7.7mm


Viking Berserker

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