Wild Frontier Trapper


Saddle up, players, and join our wagon-train through the Wild West. From straight-arrow sheriffs to ornery outlaws – Wild Frontier recalls the legends and pays tribute to the skill and resilience of these goldmining, bear-trapping, hard-living pioneers. Those who never gave up, even when times were tough as the dusty sole of a hobnail boot. Wild Frontier is about capturing this spirit in your own game – and giving you the tools and the cool conviction you need to survive.


Trapper is our tribute to the men and women who lived tough in the wilderness, deserts and mountains of the Wild Frontier. This hardy, 80% Tungsten front weighted dart has been honed to hit its mark and bite the board like a rattlesnake. This dart set features the revolver grip, our most positive and comfortable grip yet. This grip profile allows you to relax your finger but still maintain complete control of the dart. Finished with a highly reflective cactus green and instilled with the courage of the pioneer, here lies the freedom to rebel and play your way.


A tapered nose with a simple no-slip ring grip travels into an area of reverse scallop shark grip which allows for maximum traction, whether the player's fingers pull back or push forward from this point. The Trapper then moves into the signature revolver grip, this section features 3 rings and six radial millings that resemble a gun barrel. The tail of this barrel then tapers up to an intense scalloped shark grip combined with a ring grip. An axial cut on top of this increases the contact points on the dart and assures an ultra-confident grip. A smooth section at the tail end connects the durable pyramid grip shaft to the barrel.


80% Tungsten.

Match Weighted to +/- 0.05gm.

Barrel Grip Level 4/5, Front Weighted.


Set includes: Black Aluminium Anodised Pyramid Inbetween Shafts, Wild Frontier Trapper Small Standard Flights and Standard 35mm Black Points.


Available in 5 weights to choose from, 22gm, 23gm, 24gm, 25gm and 26gm.



22gm: Length 47mm, Width 7.6mm

23gm: Length 48mm, Width 7.7mm

24gm: Length 50mm, Width 7.7mm

25gm: Length 52mm, Width 7.7mm

26gm: Length 53mm, Width 7.7mm


Wild Frontier Trapper

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