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It’s All In The Dart Setup

Having played this game for over 35 years you’d think I’d know a thing or two about how to set up, or what sort of darts or setup you should use.

There are four parts to a standard “steel tip” dart. The point, barrel, stem and flights, needed in that order of course. Each will affect the way your dart flies and lands so you need to pay particular attention to each. Here’s a breakdown on each in order of importance:

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The barrel: Typically made out of tungsten, which is alloyed with nickel to give it strength, the higher the percentage of tungsten in the dart, the thinner it can be made. The barrel can weigh as little as 14g right up to 45g but not restricted to. (weight includes barrel and point only). Two points to consider with the barrel. The width, does it feel comfortable compared to how you naturally hold the dart? Then the most important aspect of all, the weight. The harder you naturally throw, the heavier the dart needed. If you float or lob the dart, get a barrel that weighs less for best results.

The Stem. One part that is easily forgotten and depending on the length of the stem, depends on how the dart lands in the board. Does it land on an angle? If so, try a longer or shorter stem (which can range from 15mm to 60mm in length. It makes a huge difference!

The flight. Typically, the flight comes down to preference with shapes typically standard, pear, slim or kite shaped. Different flights, (plus flight protectors) can change the back end weight of the dart and make it fly/land differently. Experiment, you’ll be surprised!

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The point: The least important of all parts to a dart, although definitely needed. There are long and short variations. So long as the point has been sanded or grooved so the darts “stick”, that’s all that matters.

Good luck and straight arrows.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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