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Darts – In Lockdown

Darts – In Lockdown

I normally try to write an epistle here every six to eight weeks so to not overload my readers. But in lockdown, stuck at home, my mind and imagination run’s wild. Maybe because this is my only way to communicate and only avenue to the outside world.

Many have asked me in the past few weeks, “what is the best app for playing virtual darts”? It’s clear that many are playing or are practising their darts at home given the big rise in our sales in the last few weeks. I mean lockdowns are built for playing darts, aren’t they?

Many are using zoom, nakka, webcam’s, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, the list goes on. Plenty are going one step further by using two devices, one to view the player and one for the board. But that’s for those who don’t trust their mate’s honesty!

Playing darts at home during lockdown and quarantine.

But most are missing the best possible competition that they could play as its right there under the same roof as them, even under their nose, their family. I play my 13-year-old daughter and we have competitive games when we do play, and I’ve played this game for nearly 40 years! How? you say. She will play 201 whilst I play 501. I still have to finish on a double whilst she finishes on a single number. She used to stand a foot in front of the oche, so approximately 7 feet from the board, but now straddles the oche as she has got better. The wife still doesn’t want to take me on in darts, but that’s fine.

So, give it a go, you may be surprised. Find the right balance of distance and game duration to suit who you play, your partner or even your children. You may even find a real dart player is lurking amongst your own family.

Be safe and straight arrows everyone.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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