Celt Claymore


Made in New Zealand by Shot Darts


The Celts – an Iron Age culture that swept Europe and the British Isles, their proud tribal alliances connecting their people across vast expanses of distance and time. History’s legendary underdogs – the Celts clashed with the might and military machine of Rome. Fierce and dauntless in defending what mattered – their land, their tribe and their honour. The heroic, highly decorated Celts range by Shot Darts is impressively ornamented with colour and texture, representing the many Celtic tribes rich in culture, steeped in myth, and forged in battle. The power to rewrite history is in your hands.


Declare your Independence.

Carry your clan in your hand – for honour and glory, for kith and kin. With their Claymore, the highlander was a fearless fighter, with pure commitment to the tartan cause. This arrow-straight barrel features a decisive grip – encircled like a torque with fierce red and black machined tartan. These grid-like cuts plus a defined double-ringed black titanium Rebellion grip let your fingers scan along the dart to find your home – while a taut bullnose reduces deflection. Lead the charge at the oche – it’s your battlefield. To earn their loyalty, you’ll need to hold your territory.


90% Tungsten barrels

Match Weighted +/- 0.05 gm

Grip Rating 4/5

Centre Weighted


The full set includes: 3 x 90% Tungsten barrels, 3x Custom Celt Claymore 100 Micron Small Standard Flights and 3 x Koi Pakati Red Carbon Shaft with Spring Ring-Inbetween Size.


Available in three weights to choose from: 23g, 24g and 25g.


23g Length 48mm, Diameter 6.7mm

24g Length 50mm, Diameter 6.7mm

25g Length 51mm, Diameter 6.8mm