Condor Dart Flights-Zero Stress


The innovative CONDOR integrated dart flight system incorporates the ZERO STRESS concept. The simple 2 in 1 integrated unibody design provides a stress free setup. With no flight and shaft separation during play, players are allowed to fully concentrate on their game performance.

The unique shape on the shaft (commonly known as the condor cut) reduces air resistance. Since there is no joint between the flight and the shaft, it is easier for your darts to group much closer together than normal setup’s.

The Shaft length is measured from the ridge of the screw to the joint/link between the flight and shaft.


Available in Standard shape.

Three clear colours to choose from, Orange, Red and Pink.

Also solid Black in size Long.


Shaft Length’s:

Short      = 21.5mm

Medium = 27.5mm

Long       = 33.5mm