Devon Petersen Wisdom


Made in New Zealand by Shot Darts.


Devon Petersen has darts in his blood. From big dreams in a small garage in apartheid South Africa, to competing with his heroes on the world stage – Devon blazes a trail and bears the torch for his homeland. Shot’s in-house design team collaborated closely with the African Warrior himself to create a spectacular darts range with ingenious Iklwa spear grip to keep him at the top of his game.


Spark to a flame.

Sometimes you just know. Maybe it’s when you see The Wisdom’s perfectly balanced, center-weighted spear silhouette for the first time. When you hold its 80% tungsten barrel between your fingers and feel the distinctive Iklwa grip that’s so finely etched on. When you find that perfect sweet spot to throw this swift, agile all-rounder, along its defined shark back, nose and tail. Or maybe it’s only after winning an absolute throwdown game with this pick-up-and-play dart set.


80% Tungsten barrels

Match Weighted +/- 0.05 gm

Grip Rating 4/5

Centre Weighted


The full set includes: 3 x 80% Tungsten barrels, 3 x Devon Petersen Wisdom Dart Flight Set-Small Standard-100 Micron and 3 x Shot Aluminium Shafts, Black-Inbetween.


Available in four weights to choose from: 23g, 24g, 25g and 26g.


23g Length 50mm, Diameter 7.4mm

24g Length 51mm, Diameter 7.5mm

25g Length 52mm, Diameter 7.6mm

26g Length 53mm, Diameter 7.6mm


Devon Petersen Wisdom