Made by Red Dragon.

Featherlites might sound like a soft target, but these deceptive darts are an ideal choice for the dart player who needs a lightweight, and deadly effective set of darts. The waifs of the dart world start at 10g and are available in 10g, 12g, 17g, 18g and 19g weights designed to give the maximum room in the trebles. The mini secret weapon that will get everyone talking.


Each barrel design differs depending on weight.

Five different lite-weights to choose from.


85% Tungsten Alloy.


Available in five different weights to choose from.


10g: Length 35.6mm, Width 4.0-5.7mm.

12g: Length 38.1mm, Width 5.7mm.

17g: Length 43.2mm, Width 6.3mm.

18g: Length 43.2mm, Width 6.35mm.

19g: Length 38.1mm, Width 7.2mm.