Gerwyn Price


Made by Red Dragon.


Complete with Red Dragon's latest Nitro Tech shafts and Ice Cool transparent light reflecting flights these darts are totally complete and raring to go.

Made from Aero grade 90% high density tungsten for ultimate feel and performance.

These darts offer an aggressive radial razor grip spaced along the front of the barrel, and Razoredge Chevron Iceman grip on the rear made in a specialist barrel profile with centre balanced gravity.

The Razoredge grooves are finished in a blue nitride finish against natural tungsten making them as unique and solid as the Iceman himself.


Set includes:

3 x Gerwyn Price 90% Tungsten alloy Barrels

3 x Hardcore Extra Thick Standard Flights

3 x Nitrotech Polycarbonate Medium Shafts


These darts are available in two weights to choose from, 24 gram or 26 grams.

24g: Length 50.8mm, width 6.7mm

26g: Length 50.8mm, width 6.85mm


Gerwyn Price