Harrows Bomber


Harrows released this dart back in June 2013 and it remains one of the most popular bomber styled darts on the market today.


Harrows Bomber 85% tungsten darts feature classic bomber style contoured barrels. The ergonomic design gives perfect finger grip, combined with ease of release for maximum scoring. High grade shafts and aerodynamic flights guarantee "in flight” perfection.


85% Tungsten

By Harrows, Darts Technology.

Made in England.

Complete set with slimline case included.

Alamo shafts and Dimplex flights included too.


Available in 4 weights to choose from, 21gm, 23gm, 25gm and 27gm.


21g: Length 36.0mm, Width 8.5mm

23g: Length 36.0mm, Width 8.5mm

25g: Length 41.0mm, Width 8.5mm

27g: Length 41.0mm, Width 8.5mm


Harrows Bomber