Harrows Silver Shark


The Harrows tungsten look Silver Shark darts are designed for the advancing player. The aggressive jagged cut grip allows for consistent release. These darts come complete with sleek shafts and ultra tough flights.

Set includes:

Tungsten look, Nickel Silver coated brass Barrels

1 Set of 3 Barrels

1 Set of 3 Harrows Speedline Shafts

1 Set of 3 Harrows Hologram 1614 Flights

Slimtrack Case


Available in 4 weights to choose from, 21gm, 22gm, 23gm and 24gm.



21gm: Length 54.00mm, Width 8.90mm

22gm: Length 54.00mm, Width 9.00mm

23gm: Length 54.00mm, Width 9.40mm

24gm: Length 54.00mm, Width 9.40mm


Harrows Silver Shark