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Keyring Dart Sharpener


This Keyring dart sharpener is a compact aluminium keyring dart sharpener with atubular carborundum stone for maximum abrasion. Used to keep steel tip darts sharp improving entry and hold in the dartboard.


Sharpen your dart point by running it along the inside of the sharpener. Keeping your darts sharp will also extend the life of your dartboard.


                                Keyring Dart Sharpener

                                • New case, content not included.

                                • Delivery charge scaled on volume of order.

                                  Large items such as Dart Boards and Cabinets, charge will depend on destination.


                                  Any items found to be faulty will be replaced, please contact us with details as soon as possible.  A $2.00 handling/restocking charge will apply for each item that is returned to us.  All returns must be received within 7 days of receipt.


                                  All items purchased on line will be dispatched from our warehouse within 24 hours of receipt of payment.


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                                  A Wholesale price is available for volume orders upon request.

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