MvG Vantage 90% Tungsten


Becoming one of the best darts players of all time doesn’t happen by accident. Michael’s practiced long hours and thrown countless darts, travelled a million miles and dedicated his entire life to perfecting the craft with the record-breaking results to show for it.


The first of its kind from Winmau, Michael’s Vantage range marks a life dedicated to creating an unmatched legacy on the oche. Designed to reflect the bravery and excellence of Michael’s game, these precision-cut parallel profiled barrels feature Axis-Grip and herald a new era in MvG design criteria.


Inspired by decades of success, showcasing pure craftsmanship, these Vantage darts are complete with Genuine Gold Plating, Onyx Coating and the MvG Design Signature styling and grip position. MvG boldly inspires dedication in others to make their own mark on the darts world.


90% Tungsten alloy
Axis Grip Control

Match weighted +/- 0.059


Available in three weights to choose from, 22gm, 23gm and 24gm.

22gm Length 50.8mm, Diameter 6.30mm

23gm Length 50.8mm, Diameter 6.45mm

24gm Length 51mm, Diameter 6.60mm


MvG Vantage