Razor Edge


Made by Red Dragon.


Featuring aggressive Razor edge grip technology for the purist who accept no substitutes - precision and power.


Barrel Profile has a centre weight distribution with a parallel centre profile and a tapered front. Black high tensile points.


Set includes a set of Hardcore extra thick standard flights, Nitrotech polycarbonate medium shafts and 3 x dart barrels per set.


85% Tungsten alloy.

2BA Thread


Available in five different weights to choose from:

20g: 50.8mm. width 6.2mm.

21g: 50.8mm. width 6.2mm.

23g: 50.8mm. width 6.5mm.

24g: 50.8mm. width 6.8mm.

26g: 50.8mm. width 6.9mm.


Razor Edge