By Red Dragon Darts.

The Rebel has tour bred technology and design excellence exquisitely finished to the highest possible standards.

Rebel, steel tip darts are a centre weighted 90% Tungsten Alloy barrel with a parallel profile. The barrel is ringed with the grip zone the full length of the barrel providing the best grip possible for the thrower who prefers a centre weighted barrel. The barrel has a polished surface finish with natural tungsten grooves as shown in the attached pictures.


90% Tungsten Alloy.

Grip level 4/5

Thread is standard 2BA


The set includes:

3 x darts, a set of Hardcore extra thick standard flights, Street Art nylon medium shafts and Black high tensile points.


The Rebel darts are available in four weights to choose from, 21g, 23g, 25g or 26 grams.


21g: Length 48.3mm, Width 6.35mm.

23g: Length 48.3mm, Width 6.6mm.

25g: Length 50.8mm, Width 6.6mm.

26g: Length 50.8mm, Width 6.6mm.