Red Dragon - Defender 2


The all new Defender range is pushed to new limits for a series of darts that are exceptionally easy to grip and cover the core barrel shapes for perfect release giving some of the most agile and responsive darts that have been made at Red Dragon.


85% Tungsten.

Centre weighted barrel with black high tensile points and standard 2BA thread.

Grip is square grooves polished in natural tungsten at grip level 3 with grip the full length of the barrel.


Set includes 3 x darts per set, 3 x Street Art nylon medium shafts and 3 x Red Dragon poly metronic standard flights


Available in two weights to choose from, 22g and 24g:


22g: 54.6mm. width 6.35mm.

24g: 54.6mm. width 6.6mm.


Red Dragon - Defender 2