Red Dragon - Nimrod


Millions of dart players around the world can't be wrong! The Flightmasters range available here on Bullseye Darts includes the Nimrod and start at a lightweight 20g all the way up to 30g and are the dart of choice for thousands of players from beginners right through to pros. If you want to up the ante on your game, then this is the dart that can raise your score in a heartbeat. Choose between a huge range of barrel designs including knurled and ringed profiles.


The Nimrod is an 80% Tungsten alloy barrel that is centre weighted, torpedo shaped with an elliptical front profile. It comes with Black high tensile points. The polished barrel has fine knurl with black square grooves for better grip down the entire length. Grip level 3.

Set includes 3 x dart barrels, 3 x Hardcore extra thick standard Flights and 3 x Nylon Ring Grip medium Shafts


Available in 26 gram weight:

26g Barrel Length 48.3mm, Width 7.2mm