Shot Darts Tao Carbon Shafts (with spring ring)


The latest in precision, high performance shafts from Shot Darts. Crafted in carbon composite, the Tao (meaning a traditional Māori spear) is designed and meticulously made to be featherlight, tough and durable. An aerodynamic tapered waisted design reduces air disturbance and carves a truer flight path.

Its premium spring ring grips the flight tighter to the shaft, meaning less chance of Robin Hoods. and a greater chance of victory.


Measurement: Does not include thread.


Colour: Black.

Thread: 2ba.


Available in three lengths to choose from:

Short            = 35mm

InBetween = 41mm

Medium      = 45mm


                Tao Carbon Shafts (with spring ring)

                • Comes in a set of 3 stems.

                • Delivery charge scaled on volume of order.

                  Large items such as Dart Boards and Cabinets, charge will depend on destination.


                  Any items found to be faulty will be replaced, please contact us with details as soon as possible.  A $2.00 handling/restocking charge will apply for each item that is returned to us.  All returns must be received within 7 days of receipt.


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