Viking Raven


No remorse for the Norse!

The epic Shot Viking saga rumbles on with the sleek and swift Raven dart barrel. A powerful Viking war symbol, Ravens were the combat reconnaissance agents of Odin himself – with the agility to attack potential predators in flight. This collectible barrel is emblazoned with the Shot siege grip’s interlocking shields and a new Talon grip – with axial milling for positive placement – large and in charge for those who throw from the rear.

Gleaming in a jet-black titanium coating with a subtle flash of midnight blue, like an outstretched raven’s wing, finished with a glossy hand-drawn flight. Whip out your Raven 90% Tungsten steel tip darts – and put your adversaries on notice. You might see a Viking Raven flying from the hand of Russian darts star Boris Koltsov (aka The Russian Viking) –Shot's Moscow-based player with a huge heart and massive potential.


Design features: The highlight of this design is the beautifully aggressive Talon grip at the back section of the barrel. Best described as a deep double shark-fin grip with brilliant axial cuts for ultra-positive placement, with a sleek, aerodynamic taper that adds a seamless shaft transition and reduces collision. The Shot mighty Viking Siege interlocking grip makes up the midsection of the barrel; the slightly angled rings on the nose add reference and ensure dart flights stay intact when grouping close on the dartboard.




90% Tungsten barrels

Barrel Grip Level 5/5

Centre Weighted, Straight Shaped barrel

Match Weighted to +/- 0.05gm


Set includes: 3 x Tao Carbon Inbetween sized shafts with spring rings, 3 x Viking Raven Small Standard Flights, Viking Steel Tip Laser Engraved Points and 3 x 90% Tungsten Darts


Available in 4 different weights to choose from: 22gm, 23gm, 24gm and 25gm.



22gm: Length 48mm, Diameter 6.8mm

23gm: Length 49mm, Diameter 6.9mm

24gm: Length 50mm, Diameter 7.0mm

25gm: Length 51mm, Diameter 7.2mm


Viking Raven