Winmau Ton Machine


Seminal, smooth, classic ringed grip darts. Manufactured from military grade tungsten.

Used by many professional players over the years.

The laser etched barrels provide a constant reminder you’re holding a piece of darting history


80% Tungsten alloy
Match Weighted
Winmau Aluminium Point Protector
Flights: Prism Delta 
Shafts: Prism Force 
Weight Distribution: Centre
Barrel Profile: Specialist
Front Profile: Elliptical
Point Type: Black high tensile
Grip Zone: Full length
Grip Type: Round grooves
Grip Level: 3 (1 – Smooth, 5 = Aggressive)


Available 4 weights to choose from, 21gm, 23gm, 25gm and 27gm.

21g 6.35mm x 50.8mm
23g 7.20mm x 45.7mm
25g 7.20mm x 48.3mm
27g 7.20mm x 50.8mm


Winmau Ton Machine