Winmau Vendetta


The most comprehensive Winmau tungsten range with cutting-edge computer aided designs on every barrel. Ringed range.

Deliver your highest scores through perfect trajectory and tighter tolerances.

Super slim 80% laser-etched tungsten barrels

Superior grip with machined rings

Match weighted for the same throw with every dart

Aluminium shafts with cross-hole locking device


Available in 3 x weights, 23gk, 26gm and 38gm.
23gk 6.60mm x 48.3mm (knurled grip)
26g 7.70mm x 45.7mm (ringed)
38g 8.80mm x 50.8mm (ringed)


(23gk barrel has a knurled grip, not ringed)


Winmau Vendetta

  • Comes in a set of 3 darts, Barrels, Stems and Flights included.