Zen Jutsu


Offense is your best defence.


In a chaotic world – Zen is the pursuit of calm through the joy of the perfect game. This straightforward series of quality tungsten darts is crafted with pure precision at the Shot Darts factory in New Zealand. Zen barrels feature classic ring grips and push points to suit most players and throwing styles.


Jutsu will perfect the technique of striking swiftly and accurately with its ultra front weighted, torpedo silhouette and combo of ring grips - with a bite. Jutsu is your rock-solid guide to self-defence, as you sharpen your edge and improve with every game.


Justsu is designed to meet the need for players who throw from the very front of a dart barrel. Just behind this dart's nose is a very focussed grip; it's also where the push point sits.  Front dart throwers can take their fingers up to the very tip, and still get a very controlled throw and the increased grip will aid this. Wide rings make up the remainder of the Jutsu dart design; the hard-wearing square grooves placed just inside each ring provide the 4/5 grip level and an assured "bite". Zen Justu can be thrown from the  back or centre also, if you prefer heavy front weighted dart. 

80% Tungsten.

Barrel Grip Level 4/5, Front Weighted.


Set includes: 3 x Black Aluminium Anodised Pyramid Inbetween Size shafts, 3 x Zen Jutsu 100 Micron Small Standard Flights and 3 x 80% Tungsten Darts


Available in 3 weights to choose from, 23gm, 24gm, and 25gm.


23gm: Length 51mm, Width 7.4mm

24gm: Length 51mm, Width 7.4mm

25gm: Length 53mm, Width 7.4mm

Zen Jutsu