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The Asp - One to watch

We’ve all read the story that in September of 2018, the young fella was just days away from quitting the game, with just £20 to his name and going into a tournament, a Players Championship he told his partner that he would quit after the weekend’s tournament.

Well 18 months later he’s a champion in the US Darts Masters and UK Open and twice semi-finalist in the PDC World Championship. The 28 year old from Stockport, England is currently playing some of the best darts of his life.

Nathan Aspinall is now ranked 6th in the world. Just two weeks ago, he lost 10-8 to the world number one ranked, Michael van Gerwen (MVG) in the UK Open. Gerwen averaged 105.48 in that game. Then last week, Aspinall was 5-1 down to two-time PDC World Champion, Gary Anderson in the Premier League and came roaring back to finish 6 all with a 107.64 average. Then last weekend, he won the Players Championship 7 against Irishman Brendan Dolan 8-4. That after giving MVG a very one sided beating 6-1 in the quarter final.

Yes, darts can be a funny game. Whilst staying on top can prove to be difficult as names come and go. But mark my words, with the darts he’s thrown in the last couple of weeks, Nathan Aspinall is the one to watch.

Straight arrows everyone.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts

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