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Darts 101 - Throwing Tips

I’ve played this game for over 30 years here in New Zealand and in that time, boy have I seen some hideous looking throws! There is plenty I have learned by watching others, picking up small tips and also receiving advice that was just plan ridiculous!

Now I am no MVG and I’m certainly not the player I was in my heady heights back in 1992 as Auckland A champion, but I do manage to win

Now here’s just three tips for you that will improve your game quickly, whether you’re a pro, or a novice just learning the game for the first time this week:

How to throw darts more accurately

Keep your head steady. You could add to this rule “keep your body still”. But just by focusing on keeping the head still when throwing will automatically add to your accuracy. Video yourself in practice from side on and behind, you’ll be surprised. Watch those on your weekly night out to darts at the local, those with their heads bobbing all over the place will be common “26” hitters.

Keep your elbow in, forearm straight (perpendicular to the floor). Many, many dart players stick their elbows out. Then ask, “why do I keep hitting the 5 or 1?” Plainly put, if your arm is on an angle and you let go of the dart a little early (hits a 5) or a little late (hits a 1) for right arm throwers. Tuck the elbow in, voila!

Follow through. It doesn’t matter whether you stand facing the board or side on, its whatever you are comfortable with. What does matter is if you throw, (if looking from side on) at “5 to, to 5 past”, your accuracy will be poor. Just take a look at 100% of the pro’s on t.v. every single one ends their throw with their arm straight with a good follow through.

Now this takes a lot of practise to perfect, but once comfortable, it will make the flight path much more accurate.

Good luck and straight arrows.


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