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Practice makes perfect

….well as perfect as you can be. Of course, we’d all like to hit that nine darter or have the “perfect game”. But unfortunately, the reality is for most of us, that that just won’t happen, sorry. But everyone has the ability to be the best that we can be by practicing and giving it a go and hey, who knows, one day you might just hit that 9-dart, 501 leg!

So how do you get there? Let’s presume you’ve sorted out your darts setup first. The right weight and shape barrels, stem length and flight shape. Then let’s also presume you have sorted out your throwing technique with a straight arm, steady stance and follow through etc. (There’s a lot of presumptions here ).

Now, let’s work out a practice routine that will get you to be playing the best darts that you can. Remember the pro’s practice every day, some for up to 6 or even 8 hours every day at times. But for an average dart player, (that averages between 30-60), you can improve your game significantly by practicing at least an hour every day. If you stick to the training plan, you will see improvements in your game in a matter of weeks.

Lets break down the simple sport of darts into two sections. Scoring and finishing. Now some may have the view that the game is “180’s for show, doubles for dough”. That maybe true to some degree. But if you don’t score well enough, you will never even see the double to have a crack at it! So your darts training should focus on these two areas, scoring and finishing. Most training games are useful. They are put in place to keep the training interesting and fun in a way that keeps the dartist interested and engaged for the entire training time.


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