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An Experienced Darter Go-To: Datadart Darts

Datadart Darts are well known by experienced Darters throughout the Uk and the northern hemisphere, although they are rarely seen in New Zealand. Bullseye Darts New Zealand are proud to be an Authorized Retailer of genuine Datadart Darts. Datadart was formed in 1974 and are renowned for over 43 years in the in the industry, the high quality of manufacturing and their excellent designs which have proven successful for many players that have become Champions, both nationally and internationally. The best known player would be twice World Champion, Jocky Wilson. Jocky and Datadart were closely related and he has his 3 official sets that he both used and was personally involved in designing.

Datadart Night Force

Other well known players using the Datadart Range include Gary "Robbo" Robson, John "Boy" Walton, Martin "Wolfie" Adams and Paul "Jenno" Jennings. These players all have darts designed to their exact specifications and you can purchase these "Player" darts in various weights. Combine these with our other styles such as the Orion, Omega, Sawtooth and "Black" Darts and you have a choice of some amazing darts in numerous weights and profiles. There is a dart to suit everyone! Datadart Darts are covered by an unconditional replacement warranty in the unlikely event of any manufacturing issues, weights are extremely strict and generally within.

+/- .03g and we honestly doubt that you can get a better manufactured dart at a similar price. You have heard about Datadart, now is the time to check them out on our new website, or even visit us in person and see for yourself these great products. You won't be disappointed in either the quality or the price.

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