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Bounce Out’s? Darts don’t stick?

I’ve had quite a few customers over the years say their darts bounce out from the dartboard, some often. The cold hard fact is, you will not be able to completely eliminate this from the game of darts. It’s a steel point hitting a steel divide, there will always be bounce outs.

You can however dramatically reduce this. That is buy a quality dartboard that has flat wire between the numbers and not round wire divides. Yes, you need to throw correctly, with some power behind your throw. But the majority of bounce outs are caused by the quality of and type of wire on the board.

Don’t stick? Yes, quality of dart board is also a must to ensure the board holds the dart. But one common area that can fix the dart from failing to hold is to rub sandpaper down the point side to side, (not up and down). This creates slight grooves around the point that help the art to stick where its thrown. A small piece of sandpaper is a must have. Alternatively, a keyring with a grind inside like these help, click here!

Good luck and straight arrows.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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