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Don’t “play” with a new set-up!

Those that know and play against me regularly will probably be having a chuckle in a few minutes. “Here he goes making excuses about why he lost” etc. etc. Well, I’m not. But overnight losses with a new set of darts reinforced what most of us who are regular dart players already know. Don’t play competition dart games with a new set of darts.

For those less experienced, the first thing we look for in a new set of darts is their shape. Then what weight of darts should I use? Remember you can buy them as light as a 12 gram dart right up to as heavy as 32 gram darts for the most common. I have spoken to a player that uses 40g darts, although I’m not sure how accurate he is with them.

Then what stems shall I use? Alloy or plastic? Short, medium or long stems? Remember all of this will change the way your dart flies to the board. Even adding stem grips to protect them will change the weight and balance, hence flight path of the dart!

Then the flights. Standard shape, slim, pear or even kite shaped to name a few? These too will change the entire flight of the dart. Trust me, I’ve been playing this game for 35 years. It makes a BIG difference!

Anyway, all of these factors and decisions with a new set of darts means we need to get used to the new set up. To fit into a new set of darts, you can only do that on the practise board. After plenty of hours of getting used to the new darts. Not at your local club’s competition night! After all, an F1 driver doesn’t just hop into a new car and race does he/she?

So, unless you don’t care whether you win or lose, don’t “play” a competition game with a new dart set-up!

Straight arrows everyone.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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