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Double trouble?

Watching the first couple of rounds of the World Grand Prix in Dublin this week, the fifth PDC “major” tournament of the year reminded me that the pro’s have the same issues as us general folk. Doubles. Now whilst this is the so-called “fifth major” of the year and the last until the World Championships in mid-December, it has a very different format to all other televised dart tournaments. It is the only televised event in which players must both start and finish each leg on a double (including the bullseye if you like).

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The first round saw some professional’s fail to start even after nine darts, something I know us mere mortals are all too familiar with. What it tells us is that even at the highest level in this game, doubles remain a thorn in the side of darts players at all levels.

Bobby George, a professional for over three decades from the mid-70’s through to the early 2000’s had a famous saying, (a slight amendment to the golf saying). He would say “Ton-eighties for show, doubles for dough”. That still remains very true in today’s game.

So next time you are practising or are having a throw at the board in your garage at home. Try playing “around the board” on the doubles or some other related doubles game. Keep your score on how many throws it takes to go from 1-20, then the outer and inner bull. It may be nice to have those 180 pins on your darts wallet, but it’s the double that will win you that game or even that tournament at the local RSA or darts club.

Straight arrows everyone.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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