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Need a dart board at home? Here’s how to select what’s best for you

Whether you’re just starting out on your amazing journey to becoming a top-rated Dart player or an established badass in the art of hitting the mark, getting a dart board at home is not just a great idea for leisure, it’s a necessity.

With a dart board stationed atop your wall, you get to improve your aim, stance and accuracy. Asides the many improvement perks that will come to your game, a dart board can also be a great way to improve socialization among friends and family on a casual day. However, just buying any dart board in New Zealand doesn’t really do the trick. The goal is to pick up darting equipment that is ideal for your needs considering factors like the number of players, the style, size, risk of injuries and the price. Here are our top 3 things to consider in looking for that dart board.

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  1. Consider the size

The size of the board you’re getting plays a crucial role in how you enjoy the game and how easy it is for you to hit your mark. As a beginner or semi-pro, you want to be practicing with something considerably big.

The size also affects how and where you can place the board. A dart board should be hung a height that leaves the Bull’s eye mark some 5 to 8 feet off the ground. This height should correspond with the line of sight of a 6ft tall person.

If you are buying for kids however, you can opt for an even bigger dart board that matches their height and is much easier for them to hit their targets.

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2. Consider the type

Selecting the type of dart board is the next thing on the list. Over the years, the world has improved in technology and such advancements have also been introduced to the dart sport to develop electronic, magnetic and enhanced dart products of high quality.

Ideally, there are 3 options to choose from. They include:

3. Magnetic dart boards

These boards make use of the principle of magnetism and employs magnetic darts for playing. These dart boards are available in Australia and New Zealand and pose a reduced risk of injuries as there are no sharp tips in them.

These boards are quite flexible and have been covered with clothing to offer protection to the wall behind it.

4. Electronic dart boards

Electronic dart boards are welcomed revolution in dart accessories. When you buy an electronic dart board, you enjoy the use of technology that allows you to multi-play with your friends and players don’t have to keep tabs of scores by themselves as each point is recorded on the computer.

5. Bristle dart boards

Bristle dart boards are crafted for professional players. The board is at the standard size and is accompanied by staple-free wires that inhibit the bouncing of the darts even when it is thrown abnormally. These boards also have a self-repair mechanism.

Whatever you decide, any of these boards are great for you. Also, endeavour to look out for the quality and ensure that you buy from a professional dart accessories store in Australia and New Zealand that offer great prices and legitimate warranty. That’s it, get yourself a dart board and start hitting the Bull’s eye.


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