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MVG – Still on top

It’s now been over 27 years since a small group of professional dart players broke away from the BDO (British Darts Organisation) to form the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation). A couple of years later the PDC joined with Sky Sports who to this day promote the game of darts throughout the world well. In the early days, prize money was low with the top Earner, John Lowe earning around GBP31,250 (approx. NZ$59k) in the first year. We even had a New Zealander, Peter Hunt in the prize money in the first year of the PDC.

Michael Van Gerwen - professional darts player

Today, the money is incredible, and whilst the chance to earn a living out of the professional sport of darts is still limited really to only the top 100, the PDC claims that in 2019 the total prize money is expected to be in excess of GBP14 million. (that’s nearly NZ$27 mio), we’ve come a long way since January 1992.

It comes as little surprise then to say that currently one man stands head and shoulders above the rest, the man from the Netherlands, Michael van Gerwen who is said to have earned over GBP1.34mio (NZ$2.55mio) in the past 12 months in all events. He has earned double the second placed, Scotland’s Gary Anderson. Not bad for a 30 year old from Boxtel, Netherlands who only really came onto the world scene 12 years ago when he made the top 32 at the BDO world championships as an 18 year old.

There are many “GOATS” in darts, with John Lowe, Phil “the power” Taylor along with a long list who could arguably be suggested the greatest ever. But MVG is carving his way to becoming the greatest to have ever picked up a 23-gram set of tungsten’s. How long will he remain at the top is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure, the young dart players are coming through thick and fast with names coming from the qualifying school in the UK developing talent much quicker these day.

But with career earnings topping GBP7.4mio (NZ$14mio), the three times world champ (from the past six years) is far from being toppled off his crown just yet.

Straight arrows everyone.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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