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First I must apologise because I created this blog a few years back to provide informative and interesting tips on equipment, practise or playing techniques to help dart players or provide just general views on the sport of darts for all players at all levels. It was never intended to be a darts review page, but there is always a first time I suppose.

Last week, I had lunch with my Shot Darts Sales Representative. I really nice guy who always has time to visit his customers when in the area. (I mean that’s his job right?) This time, he did what sales reps do and brought along with him a couple of sets of darts. The latest darts that Shot have made or released in recent weeks that are readily available in the market today.

Now for those who live in the outback or overseas, Shot Darts are New Zealand’s only darts manufacturer who have been around for fifty years and still manufacture their steel and soft tip darts here in New Zealand, in a small town called Katikati, a 45 minute drive north of Tauranga on the east coast of the North Island. All of their darts are manufactured locally, about 90% are exported, the rest sold throughout the country from Bluff in the South to the winterless Far North.

The first set he showed was the Warrior Kapene (meaning Captain), the latest in the Warrior series by Shot Darts. Earlier Warrior’s in this series include the Warrior 1, Hautoa and Tipu ranges. Now what first struck me before anything else was their design, apparently commissioned by a local carver from Tauranga, Whare Thompson who designed a sleeve ‘Ta Moko’ tattoo that wraps around and runs along the length of the barrel and is even echoed into the hole punched flights provided. Then it’s the points of the dart, with a bright golden Titanium-coated steel tip which has a “cinder grip” applied to allow best control for those that use the tip for control at release and also ensures the best adhesion into the sisal fibres of the dartboard once thrown. One online reviewer from the U.S. has even gone to say recently that “this is the best manufactured looking barrel that I have ever laid my eyes on”. True story. Now if you’re into a front to centre-weighted barrel, these 90% Tungsten beauties provide excellent grip without sticking. Now I wasn’t somewhere where I could just get up and have a few throws, but with five different weights available from 22g to 26g, if you ever get a chance to hold or throw a set, I’d highly recommend it as there’s a weight for most dart players.

Now the other set he showed me was their Tribal Weapon Koa also released just in the past few weeks. This time an addition to Shot’s Tribal Weapon range, but this one named an actual name rather than just a series number. Koa meaning “please” which is a little bit like what I plead when I throw my darts. Anyway, I digress. These too have a stunning looking barrel that is scalloped and has rings set into the curve for added grip. It also has the more normal titanium points, is a centre weighted barrel which “has three distinct grip sections on this dart barrel which will suit all finger placement preferences” according to their website. They too are 90% tungsten barrels which are black titanium coated. They come with the Tao carbon shafts and 100 micron small standard flights. Just like the Warrior Kapene, they also come in five different weights ranging from 22g to 26g.

Both sets are certainly worth a look and throw if you ever get the chance, my personal favourite was the Kapene but I can guarantee you one thing, you’ll find your favourite pretty soon if you get a chance to throw a set.

Buy NZ made, you can’t go wrong with that!

All the best and straight arrows everyone.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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