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Showtime Darts

Showtime Darts was originated and born with the aim of supplying today's darts player with the most professional and bespoke design products available. With over 30+ combined years of playing darts, they decided to design and manufacture the products that they believe will make darts players better from players just starting out, to the professionals of today. What started out as a simple idea of incorporating a professional background of supply chain, freight and sourcing products, simply took off in a way they never imagined it could. From starting out back in 2015, Showtime Darts now supply products to almost every continent and to some of the largest retailers of darts Worldwide.

Showtime Mustang Sally Kelly

Incorporating the latest in design technology, all products are thoroughly quality checked from the design to the end product.

Fuzion grip technology and eye catching designs will make sure you stand out from the competition, not only looking good on the oche, but also utilising the technology to make you a better player.

Showtime Fuzion Grip 1.2 Dark Addition

Bullseye Darts has now stocked Showtime Darts for a couple of years now and the feedback we get from every customer here in New Zealand has been extremely positive. If you are looking for the latest designs and technology and a set of darts straight from the UK manufacturer that you can’t buy in any store in the country here in NZ, check out and get yourself a set of Showtime Darts.

Good luck and straight arrows everyone.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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