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What weight darts?

The first question I am always asked is, what weight darts should I get? Customers, colleagues and friends alike, always ask that question. Typically, if someone is a regular or more experienced dart player, they will already know the answer. Some people who have had injuries or other life changes will need to change their weight, but most know. So here’s a few tips if you’re new to the sport of darts or if you’re buying a new set for that special someone.

In both steel and soft tip darts the weight of the dart is measured in grams, just the barrel and point without the stem and flight attached. Soft tip are typically a lot lighter, but I’ll write about steel tip darts here.

The average weight of a steel tip dart is between 20 to 25 grams for the normal player. In fact, the top ten players in the world currently range in their dart weights from 21 to 24 grams with just one player, Nathan Aspinall who plays with a 27 gram Target dart.

What weight darts?

That’s the “norm” but I have seen and you can also buy Tungsten darts for as light as 10 grams and as heavy as 48 grams. Yes, it’s a bit like throwing a tire iron for me. So what’s best for you and how do you know what weight will suit you?

Whilst hard to explain well on paper, the best way is to determine what type of dart thrower you are. Do you lob the dart and let it fall into the board? Doers the dart flight arc a lot? Or are you like some of my friends who throw so hard you’d think the point will go through the 1 1/2” board and poke out the other side? If you lob, you should be throwing the lighter dart say 18-21gm. If you throw hard, look at the 24-27g dart barrels as a start.

Then the shape of the barrel is your next step. A lot depends on how the dart player holds their dart. Front, middle and back weighted barrels are all options. Some just go by look. Then the type and length of the stem and shape of flight will all make quite a difference in how the dart fly’s and lands. But that’s all for another day.

The first step, is to pick your weight and remember 1 gram won’t make that much difference, but 2 or 3 will. If you can try someone else’s darts first and try a variety, you’ll soon know what works for you.

All the very best, be safe and straight arrows everyone.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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