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Where in New Zealand can I buy darts?

Little is known about how many players there are that actually play darts in New Zealand. There are some 3,000 plus that are registered to the NZ darts Council with ten times that that actually play in a regular Saturday or Thursday night type league at their local RSA, Cosmopolitan or even Football Club. My estimate is that there are 30,000 serious and not so serious dart players in New Zealand.

Buy dart flights in New Zealand or online

One thing for sure though, the game of darts has grown considerably in NZ in recent years as the air time of professional darts from the UK on Sky Sports along with the annual Darts Masters which sees eight top world pro players come down under to face up against local NZ and Australian talent has helped to grow the game.

Given the growth in the sport, the demand for good quality darts and dart products has also grown. Whether a serious player in a dart league or just throwing some spears in the local garage with some mates, the availability of good quality darts is few and far between. You can find some products from the local (so called) sports stores, Rebel Sports, Stirling Sports or even at the Warehouse. But quality and price are a long way from what is required.

High quality professional dart stores in New Zealand

Some players buy their darts directly online from either Australian or UK based dart sites. But this either costs a lot, with courier costs, import taxes and quite frankly takes a long time to arrive.

Then there are a few, local companies that source, stock and supply darts and dart related products at decent prices, to your door likely within a day or two.

This is the main reason we started Bullseye Darts some ten years ago and have become New Zealand’s biggest local supplier. Take a look at and take a look for yourself.

Good luck and straight arrows everyone. See you at the NZ Open in Rotorua on the 8th of August.

Paul Webber

Owner – Bullseye Darts


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